Can LASIK Give Me 20/20 Vision?

The decision to pursue LASIK to improve your vision is not as simple as scheduling an appointment. While LASIK has helped over 14 million people see better, not every person who wears corrective lenses has the right eye conditions and medical history for this procedure.

Why can’t everyone have LASIK?

There are several factors that reputable surgeons like Dr. Kenneth Lipstock at Lipstock LASIK & Cataract Center takes into consideration before approving LASIK for people over age 18:

  • Corneal thickness: If your cornea (the outer part of your eye) is too thin, it may be too risky to perform the initial corneal incision that is involved in LASIK eye surgery.
  • Overall eye health: If you have a corneal disease, such as Keratoconus, or other eye health issues, LASIK is not recommended.
  • Presence of cataracts: If you have started developing cataracts (as most people do starting at age 60), the only way to improve your vision is by undergoing cataract surgery and lens replacement.
  • Overall health
    • Compromised immune system: If your health is in question, you may experience complications as a result of LASIK.
    • Uncontrolled diabetes: This disease may or may not affect whether LASIK can be successfully performed.
    • Pregnancy: This condition can cause temporary vision changes, so it is best to wait until after childbirth before considering LASIK.
    • Prescribed medications: Some medications may interfere with LASIK and result in serious complications.

How can you find out if LASIK could help you?

The only way to find out if you are a good candidate for LASIK is through a LASIK evaluation and comprehensive eye exam. There is simply no way to just look at a person’s eyes and know for sure if 20/20 vision with LASIK is a possibility.

In fact, Dr. Lipstock rejects 25% of LASIK applicants. He will not perform the procedure if he is not confident in the end results – and you should not pursue a different LASIK surgeon who is willing to take the chance.

Contact Lipstock LASIK & Cataract Center today to schedule your free LASIK Consultation. Or try our free online Lasik Self-Evaluation to see if you might have the right eye and health conditions for LASIK.

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